Why Buy One of the Best M.2 SSDs of 2017?

24 May , 2017 General

We are often asked about what to do when building a new computer, in terms of the parts to get. And while some things are self-explanatory, such as the fact that you will need a computer case, motherboard, RAM kit and processor, the other aspects of computer building are a little more confusing. For instance, a lot of people wonder whether they should be going with a SSD or HDD when they are building their system. And we have to say, the SSD is the hard drive of choice if you are building a personal computer.

If you are someone who plans to use your computer at home for both personal and work-related tasks, then you are going to want a SSD as your main operating system drive. Why? Because the SSD is rapid when you compare it to the best HDD on the market. And as you can see from the list of Best M.2 SSDs of 2017, there are some terrific SSDs on the market that are not even that expensive. And what you are getting is a level of performance that is unmatched from any HDD that you could find anywhere in the world.

Best M.2 SSDs of 2017

But the question that we also get with SSDs is how we are going to get that file space we need. For instance, if you assess the prices of hard drives, you will see that a 250GB SSD is probably at the price range of a 2TB hard drive. Now that is a ton of difference when it comes to file space. And most people do not think 250GB is enough on their computer. But the good news is that if you are building a desktop PC, you can get both! Yes, you will have a HDD and SSD in your computer.

The SSD will serve as the main drive, as it is the one where you will install your operating system and all the programs that you use. The HDD will also be there, and it will be used for your files, games and anything else that takes up more than 500MB to 1GB of space. This will ensure that your SSD is always freed up to perform at its best level, while you are storing files and other items on your HDD as you would have done in the past. And your system will be rapid!

There is a second benefit to going with such a system: if your HDD ever stops working, your computer is still fine. Yes, you may lose the files on the HDD, and that is never good. But your OS is on the SSD, which means your OS will still keep running. Any programs or files that were on the HDD will not work unless you reinstall them, but the OS itself is fine, and the clear majority of your programs are fine too. It means that a HDD crash would not be debilitating for your computer. And that is fantastic news for any computer user!

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