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21 May , 2017 Water Heater

Rheem hot water heaters are trusted, high-quality appliances available in your choice of tankless, gas, hybrid, electric, and solar-powered functionality models. Regardless of the type of hot water heater you want, choosing the Rheem name gives you peace of mind and confidence that your product will provide you comfortable use for a long time to come. And, you won’t need expert service often when there’s a Rheem in your house. Thousands of people have used and trusted the Rheem name to satisfy their needs, and so should you.

What is the Rheem Reputation?

Read rheem water heater reviews to learn more about customer’s thoughts on the appliances. Available free on the Internet, reviews tell you the important information about the appliance you won’t learn anywhere else. Learning firsthand what others think is superb, and ensures you choose the best water heater to suit your needs. No matter which Rheem model water heater you are interested in, the reviews are there to read.

Facts About Rheem

Rheem is a global company with locations in US, China, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Middle East Africa, Argentina. The brand got their start in 1925, and the rest is history. Today, Rheem is a quality provider of water heaters, and a name that people trust when they expect more than the bargain brands can offer. Chances are, you will feel the same way as the many other satisfied Rheem customers once you try the brand for yourself.

Customer Reviews: Read What They Say

You can find tons of reviews for Rheem model water heaters with a few clicks on the web. But, before you go, look at a few reviews here first. Here are a few Rheem hot water heater customer reviews to get you started!

rheem water heater reviews

“My husband and I wanted a top-quality water heater for our small home. With just the two of us, we didn’t need anything fancy, and wanted an energy-efficient product. We selected the Rheem Performance 20-gallon tank. The appliance works wonderfully, and we have ample hot water as needed. Great price; great product.” Sherry L., Hudson, NC

“Rheem hot water heaters have been used in my home since I was a young man. I’ve never traded brands, or even considered another. I can count on Rheem to provide me with a great product, and the wonderful customer service to match, and I couldn’t ask for more.” Kerry N., Ft. Worth, TX

“I’ve had one problem with the Rheem hot water heater that I purchased five years ago. That was a minor issue, and thanks to the warranty, was repaired the same-day without any money out of my pocket. I will always be a fan of the Rheem brand.” Christina H., Apple Valley, CA

Rheem is the Trusted Name

With so many more Rheem water heater reviews out there, why not take advantage of the information, and learn firsthand why so many people have trusted the brand for so long? If you need a great water heater, the Rheem brand won’t disappoint your expectations!

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