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Worldwide Stock Market Facts

21 May , 2017 CFD Trading

contract for difference

There are a lot of interesting things out there about the stock market, especially when you’re looking at stock markets from around the world. In this article, we’re going to take a closer look at this and other considerations that you may want to look at when learning about the worldwide stock market.

    Did you know…

–    In the UK, there is something known as the contract for difference. The contract for difference is, in short, an agreement where an investor can speculate on a stock’s movement without putting the money down for that stock itself. It was developed in order to avoid some of the taxes that come along with any sort of investment that may be out there for someone to consider.

–    Hong Kong, although technically a part of China, has its own stock market and has had it for a long while, which makes it more financially independent than other parts of China.

–    The French stock market was the most organized stock market early on in the creation of stock markets. By the mid 19th century, they already had laws in place for stockbrokers and for the trading of stock. And compared to the other markets of their day, these were crazy strict: the Minister of France or another established broker had to say it was cool for them to practice, they couldn’t mess people up for their own gain, and they had to be a citizen of France.

–    The second largest stock market in the world? Japan.

–    The terms bull and bear are used worldwide. Why? Because they kind of make an emotional response; bulls are strong and fearless, bears are slow and want to rip your face off. Bull markets are strong and doing well, bears are not doing well and destroy those in it.

–    Antwerp, Belgium is where the first stock exchange was started in 1460. This system was changed and is since obsolete.

–    Thus, making the oldest stock exchange the Amsterdam stock market, founded in 1602.

–    The newest stock market is actually in one of the world’s oldest countries: China launched ChiNext in 2009.

–    Most people know about Black Thursday, where the stock market crashed in the US. But, did you know about Black Monday? On October 19th, 1987, there was a world-wide domino effect stock market crash. It started in Hong Kong and spread to Australia, Spain, the UK, the US, and Canada. Worst part? No one had a clue that it was going to happen, and to this day, no one knows why it happened. It just kind of did. Stock exchanges halted for a few days after that, allowing the affected countries to put different measures in place so something crazy like that didn’t happen again.

–    Europe had a joint stock market now called Euronext. This includes Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Portugal, and the United Kingdom. They merged with the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) to create NYSE Euronext, the first “global stock exchange”.