Things to Keep in Mind When Utilizing Software for Your Android Device

10 May , 2017 9apps

Today we are going to talk about the things you have to keep in mind when you are about to utilize applications like 9apps download on your Android device. The first thing you have to be aware of whenever you are downloading new software on your Android device is the risk of introducing malicious software to your smartphone or tablet. Hackers focus on the platforms that have the greatest number of active users and Android has become one of the most popular platforms out there so be prepared to deal with viruses and malware.

Right Way to Screen App Developers

The first thing you should do when screening developers like those that created the 9apps download is find out whether they are a legitimate company that has been producing software for quite some time. It takes time to produce a stable app so if the company has just recently opened for business then you should steer clear of their apps, you have no way of knowing whether it is stable or not.  You do not want to introduce an unstable application to your device, it could wreak havoc which would lead to serious complications and hassles!

Even if the company that developed the application seems legitimate you still need to take things a step further and look at how the company is monetizing the app. If you have to pay for the app up front then that is a decision you can make while some apps are free they have options to make in-app purchases which is very common when playing online games. Another way these companies monetize their applications is by gathering details about you and selling it to advertisers. While that may sound creepy it is a very common business practice and one that is growing in popularity with app developers. What you have to do is ask yourself whether it makes sense to give up some personal details in order to utilize the app, if you don’t feel comfortable doing that then you shouldn’t use that particular app. If you want added peace of mind you can adjust the security settings on your device so the app can only relay information that you allow and nothing more. This step does take time to incorporate but it is worth the effort when you look at how much of your personal data is being harvested each and every day.

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Another important item you should be aware of whenever looking at apps to download onto your device is whether the software is going to consume a large amount of bandwidth. When connected to WiFi it is probably not a huge deal but when you are moving around, if the apps running in the background take a huge amount of Internet data to function then you have to be careful or you will end up with a huge Internet data bill so only install apps that are beneficial and don’t consume a large quantity of your online resources just to stay tethered to the network.