An Anabolic Dream: IGF-1 LR3

2 Jul , 2017 General

Similar properties to insulin make this polypeptide hormone worth a second look. Insulin-like Growth Factor, or IGF-1 LR3, is responsible for the growth of the long bone in children, and for muscle recovery and repair in adults. It is potent, chemically altered to be an enhanced product that binds proteins together in the bloodstream. This results in an increased in half-life to 20 to 30 hours instead of the usual 20-minute duration. And so, a highly potent, effective product is found.


How Does It Work?

The 1 LR3 polypeptide is oftentimes used by bodybuilders because it works to increase muscle mass and body size. It provides such benefit by inducing the body into muscle hyperplasia state where there is a sudden increase in the new muscle cells as soon as injection occurs. For bodybuilders cycling, increased muscle growth is awesome. It works better than HGH according to most users, and provides maximum results from the very first time that it is used.

This product works great to stimulate the muscles and help with their growth, but that is only one of the benefits that come with this injectable supplement. This product works to mature new muscle fibers while helping increase the value of any supplement currently being used. It prevents damage to the muscles, and prevents muscle loss from occurring. It is a product that many men and women have used with success for their bodybuilding needs.

Long Lasting Results

One injection of this polypeptide provides long-lasting results that the users can enjoy, although the best results occur immediately after injection. In laboratory testing the product provided better results in users than the results rats gained when they exercised daily.  It has many agents that cause the results to continue coming your way after an injection, including building testosterone in the body. This means that you continue benefiting when you use this steroid injection.

Anabolic Cycle Enhancement Product

This polypeptide is effective for anabolic cycle increases because it has a unique quality composition that allows several different tissues in the body to experience massive growth. This supplement works to stimulate cell division and muscle size, so it producer’s receptors for new testosterone production so the benefits continue well after it has been used. It is shown to significant increase steroid cycles and is safe and effective.

How to Get the Polypeptide in Your Home

Although this product is still being tested in laboratories, it is also being used by many bodybuilders who report effective results. It is considered safe, and can be purchased from many different peptide and steroid providers. Most people purchase the product online, where easy and discreet shopping and low prices are found. You might also like to shop online to find this product. It is delivered to your door and ready to use. Many different suppliers offer the product at various prices and in various dosing formats. Choose the right provider and enjoy the delivery to your home. What could be better?

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